Is All Rap Crap?

I’ve never really seen or more to the point, heard the point of rap music. Why have lyrics if you are going to sing them so fast that hardly anyone will be able to tell what you are signing?

Despite this, I don’t believe that all rap is crap. I’ve deciphered the words in a few and found that I quite liked them. Some of them are very clever and are conveying important messages.

I guess the real issue with rap is the image it has ended up with. The kind of gangsta image, the hoodlum, the thug and the druggie.

Rap certainly isn’t the first type of music to acquire an unfortunate image. Rock n' roll and heavy metal spring to mind. It also certainly won’t be the last either.

I believe each piece of music should be taken for it’s merit (if it has any) and not dismissed just because of the image around it.

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