Just to clarify, this is not a blog post about full stops. There may be one of those another time. Sorry to disappoint you.

I’m talking about menstruation also known as having a period.

This is just some of my observations about periods, how mine have changed over 29 years and, sadly how people’s attitudes towards them do not seem to have changed.

My periods started when I was 10. My mother’s only comment was that I was now a woman. My sister instructed me on the use of sanitary towels. Apart from the bleeding and many towel changes the only other particularly bad symptoms I had was terrible cramps.

This, with age, has changed. I’m now moody, emotional, crave food, get pain in my leg and get very sore breasts. It is, I’m told by many other women, normal for period symptoms to change over the years. In a few years I shall be blogging about my menopause symptoms. You have been warned.

What doesn’t seem to have changed over all of my period having years, is people’s attitudes towards them. I’ve seen women shame others over their periods, even to the extent of calling them disgusting because they do not use certainly sanitary products. I’ve seen women feel the need to put their towels and tampons up their sleeves to hide the fact that they are going to the toilet to change it. I’ve heard men ridicule women who suffer badly from pain during their period. I’ve heard both men and women berate another woman whose mood swings are so bad, she has to take medication during her period.

Firstly, it’s a normal bodily function and no one should be made to feel ashamed because they are on their period.

Secondly, not every woman has the same period symptoms. Some sail through and for some it’s horrific.

Thirdly, yes, some people can be over dramatic, but as you are not them and not having the symptoms, a little kindness or sympathy wouldn’t kill you.

It’s about time that as a specie we grew up a bit and remembered that just because it might not be what we experience or know, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t the case for the people in question. Also, periods are not dirty or a way to say women are unreliable. You wouldn’t like it if someone ridiculed you or made you feel shame about something you can’t help, so don’t do it to others.